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to walk the

camino frances

These are two book covers that I designed for my grandfather, who wishes to publish books about his pilgrimage experience from over the last 10 years. The first book, "To Walk the Camino Frances", is about the pilgrimage experience he had with my grandmother, hence the image of the two. Having been on the journey with my grandfather before, I wanted to emphasize the beauty of the nature that I was able to see on these roads in Switzerland and France.


to walk with my


The second book is about the journey my grandfather had with me. The yellow sign post can be found on the pilgrimage path, along with the upside down yellow shell logo on a blue background. This shell is meant to lead pilgrims to the right path. Illustrating the yellow sign post without any directions on it is meant to show how those on the journey value the process a lot more than the destination.

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