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Moon Rabbit is a Korean Sweet Rice Cake Brand that strives to make traditional rice cakes more appealing to younger audiences. By using contemporary branding and weaving in familiar folklore, children and young adults are introduced to the beauty of Korean traditional desserts and develop a love for the culture.


The Moon Rabbit is said to live on the moon, pounding something in the mortar. In Korea, the Rabbit is supposed to be pounding rice in the mortar in order to make rice cakes. This Legend/story comes from the fact that the markings on the moon look like a rabbit is standing over a mortar, similar to the “man on the moon” in the west.

How did the rabbit end up on the moon? The Rabbit once lived in a village alongside a Fox and a Monkey. The three of them devoted themselves to Buddhism and spent most of their time studying and practicing. One day, the Emperor of the Heavens asked them to bring him food to test their faith.

The Fox decided to catch a fish, and the Monkey decided to bring him fruits. The Rabbit, on the other hand, could not find anything but grass so the Rabbit decided to jump into a fire to offer himself up. The Emperor was touched by this act of commitment so he appoint the Rabbit as the guardian of the moon.

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