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Flora is an app where users can find other locals to temporarily take care of their plants for when they are not available just for a small fee. Anyone can offer to plant sit with the help of Flora and earn additional income!

wireframes mockup-01.png

key take–aways from
the business model canvas

Key Partners

customers, developers, designers, payment service businesses. account creation services, ad partners


build a community of

plant enthusiasts & encourage zero

waste practices

Customer Segments

young adults of ages 18–23, who travel often & young adults in their 20s interested in earning small extra income

user flow

flora userflow-01.png

low-fidelity wireframes

key takeaways from user testing

testing focus


& task completion

tasks tested for

explore posts

be a plant sitter

find a plant sitter

rate plant sitter


medium learnability with browsing page post modules and text hierarchy.

the filter options for posts are essential.

duration of the listing should be indicated on the browsing page.

confusion on how to add multiple plants to a post, when creating a post.

unclear whether the pay displayed on the individual post page is pay per hour or total pay for the duration of the listing.

flora mockup 1.png
flora mockup 3.png
flora mockup 2.png
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