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dragon in silkscreen 1.png


dragon in silkscreen

Dragon in Silkscreen is a series of prints that I've screen printed using a silkscreen. It was my first-time screen printing, so you might spot a few imperfections.


For example, in the print on the right, I accidentally used a squeegee for printing on fabric. Since fabric squeegees have a rounder end, they cause a lot more ink to bleed through during the printing process. That's exactly what happened with the orange ink.


However, I am quite fond of this happy mistake! I love how it looks after another layer of brown key screen printed on top. I wish to explore more with this technique in the future.

dragon in silkscreen 3.png
dragon in silkscreen 2.png



Always having been a perfectionist, it has been hard for me to freely experiment with different mediums and techniques since I'm always afraid to mess up. Perfectionism can be one of my strengths, but it can easily be one of my weaknesses. Lately, I've been trying to change my outlook onto projects and artworks! I don't want my perfectionism to hold me back from being more experienced and from chances to explore!

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